Winterhike with snowshoes and camping

19 - 23 of february we go for a 5 day hike in the mountains around Narvik. We walk on snowshoes throught the wild and beautiful nature and we sleep 3 nights in tents and 1 night in a mountain hut.

The hike goes in both low and high alpine area in hilly terrain with rises up to 500 m per day. We keep a low pace and take breaks every now and then for snacks, warm drinks and stories from the guide about the nature around us. We are surrounded by mountains, fjords and glaciers and everything in between. If we are lucky we will se some wild animals, or at least the tracks from them.

Every evening we will set up our camp which includes some digging and building in snow. The guide will teach you all her tricks on how to enjoy camp life in the winter and how to stay warm.


Day 1: We meet up at our farm outside of Narvik, drink coffee and go through the plan and information about the week to come. We pack and prepare the last things before taking off to our starting point of the hike. (maximum 1 hour drive) This day we will hike about 5-6 km, get to know the gear and each other. We get to our camp spot before it gets dark so that we have time to learn how to put up a winter camp. We cook dinner and eat together, enjoy the good company and then cose up in the warm sleeping bag.

Day 2: We eat breakfast and pack down the camp and then we start todays hike. We go about 10 km and take plenty of small breaks, and one longer for lunch. We put up a new camp, have dinner and perhaps an evening program before sleep.

Day 3: Like day 2.

Day 4: Hiking 12 km. This night we will sleep in a mountain hut. The hut has possibility for sauna, wich is usually very appreciated after a few days out in the mountains.

Day 5: We pack everything one last time and go the last km back to civilisation. We are transported back to Narvik where we finish off with a dinner at a restaurant in town.

Nothing is better than to sit in the snow couch enjoying a warm dinner after a long day of hiking and feel the warmth spread out in your whole body.

Nothing is better than to sit in the snow couch enjoying a warm dinner after a long day of hiking and feel the warmth spread out in your whole body.


This hike requires that you as a participant are in good shape and able to go several km in the mountains with a backpack. The laps are between 10 - 12 km per day, in hilly terrain.

We carry food with us for the whole week, we share the weight between us, count on around 2 kg extra. We eat simple but good food, its important to get enough energy when its cold outside.

Here is a list on what you will need for the tour.

  • Warm sleepingbag (comfort temp minimum -10 c)

  • Sleeping matress, recomended to have 2 - 1 inflatable and one foam.

  • Headlamp

  • Baselayer and socks in wool

  • Warm cloths, gloves, hat, scarf, wind &waterproof jacket and pants, downjacket.

  • Termos

  • Sheets or sleepingbag (the huts has pillows and duvets.)

  • Shoes - recomended to have 2 pairs - 1 warm and steady shoes to walk in during the days and 1 pair of warm camp shoes.

  • Backpack.

Price: 4650 nok/person

Included in the price:

  • Certified mountain leader/nature guide

  • 1 nights accommodation in hut

  • Transport before and after the hike with Narvik as a starting point

  • Food for the whole trip

  • Gear: Snowshoes, poles, tent and safety equipment

Max participants on this tour is 6 pers.
The program can change due to weather and conditions.