Trail (and “off trail”) running

To run in the mountains gives a great feeling of freedome. With jogging shoes and a tiny backpack to bring some snacks and an extra jacket, you are good to go. Light and easy we move uphill, downhill and “flathill” and the views never get boring. We have two different kinds of tours, described below.



This tour fits you who have semi good condition, a bit used to running but maybe havn’t tried to run in the mountains before. We keep a slow pace and vary running with some walking in the uphills and when needed. This tour is about 2 hours long and we run between 5-10 km in hilly terrain. We take some breaks on the way to enjoy and breath the fresh mountain air.

Price: 750 NOK/person


Fits you who have been running in mountains before and have good condition. The pace is still quite slow and we walk in the long uphills if we need to. The tour is about 4 hours long and we run between 10-20 km. We bring some light lunch/snacks to keep the energy up and we take breaks along the way.

Price: 890 NOK/person

Longer trailrunning tours hut to hut can be arranged on request.