To run in the mountains gives a total experience of freedome. With just a pair of jogging shoes and a tinybackpack with snacks and an extra jacket, you are good to go. Light and easy we move uphill, downhill and “flathill” with views that are never boring. We offer two different levels of this tours, one fits you who havn’t been running in the mountains before or just a little bit. And one is for you who have a bit more experience and can run a bit further.



Fits you who have intermedied condition, a bit used to running but maybe never run in the mountains before. We keep a slow and nice pace, varie running with some walking in the uphills. This tour is about 2 hours long including some breaks to enjoy and breath the fresh mountainair. The distance we run is about 5-10 km in hilly terrain. (We adjust the length after your condition and wishes.)


Fits you who hve good condition and have experience with running in mountains. The pace is still not too fast, we are out to have a nice time and we walk in the uphill if we need to. The tour is abour 4 hours so we bring some light lunch/snacks to keep the energy up. The distande can varie between 10-20 km and we adjust after your condition and wishes.