Northern Light tours

In October - March we offer a sortiment of different Northern light tours. In these tours there is something for everyone, cozy outdoor dinners under the dancing sky, snowshoe hikes up to mountain tops or magical night kayaking on the fjord.

Northern light dinner cooked over fire

A short hike takes us up to our cozy northern light base-camp located on the north facing side of Fjellheimen in Rombak. We meet up at the big parking halfway in on the Sildvik road, 20 minutes drive from Narvik. Depending on the snow conditions we will provide you with snowshoes and poles or walk by foot. The hike takes about 30 minutes up to our camp where we have a big tent, fireplace and everything we need for a cozy evening. We light up the fire and cook a three course dinner with local, good quality products, and to enjoy it out in the snow around the fire makes it taste even better. Hopefully the northern lights are already dancing above us and after the dinner we can (optionally) hike a bit further up to get an even better view.

Duration: About 2-3 hours

What to bring: Warm clothes and warm shoes.

Price: 1250 nok/person

Included in the price: Guide, dinner, warm drink, snowshoeing equipment

Minimum participants 2 and maximum 12.

Northern light Snowshoe hike

Depending on the weather conditions we pick out a hike where we are most likely to see the northern lights. The terrain will be varied, lot of up and down, trough forests and up above tree line where we’ll get a good view over the sky and the mountains around us. We bring something warm to drink and some snacks and we stop to make a fire to coze up around before we head back down again.

The hike is about 2-3 hours long

What to bring: Warm clothes and warm and steady shoes

Price: 950 nok/person

Included in the price: Certified guide, equipment, warm drink and a snack.

Minimum participants 2 and maximum 8.

Paddling under the northern lights

Sea kayaking on the Rombak fjord in darkness is totally magic, if we are lucky with the northern lights its even more magical! We start at the Longstranda beach and go trough some paddling technique and safety. Then we get out on the water and paddle for about 1-2 hours along the shore. Back at the beach we’ll warm up around a fire, drink something warm and enjoy ourselves.

What to bring: Warm clothes - wool base layer, fleece jacket, down jacket and wind/shell jacket and pants, hat, gloves and warm socks. Bring also an extra set of clothes.

Price: 1550 nok/person

Included in the price: Certified guide, kayak equipment, warm drink and a snack.

Minimum participant 1 and maximum 4.

This tour require that you have some experience with kayaking, and we will only do the tour in good weather.