Skjomen - Nikkaloukta

7 day hike starting in the fjord Skjomen south from Narvik. From here we go southeast trough beautyful valleys surrounded by mountains and pretty lakes. We cross the border to Sweden and pass their highest mountain Kebnekaise. We stay there for one day extra to get a chance to climb to the top, before we go to Nikkaloukta wich is our end destination.



We meet up the evening before the tour to go through some information, the equipment and then we have dinner together. (Accomondation for this night is not included, but we can help you arrange it if you wish.) The next morning we get transport in to Norddalen where we start the hike.

Day 1: Norddalen - Caihnavaggehytta about 11 km

Day 2: Caihnavagge - Gutelishytta about 12 km

Day 3: Gautelis - Hukejaurestugan about 14 km

Day 4: Hukejaure - Singistugorna about 20 km

Day 5: Singi - Kebnekaise fjellstation about 12 km

Day 6: Topptour to Kebnekaise south peak or restday/other dayhike

Day 7: Kebnekaise - Nikkaloukta about 14 km

From Nikkaloukta we take the bus to Kiruna. From there goes train back to Narvik or down south in Sweden.


This tour requires that you as a participant have good condition and can walk many kilometers in the mountains with a heavy backpack. We walk between 11 and 20 kilometers per day.

The huts where we stay has a simple standard with no water and electricity. We help out with everything such as chopping wood, cooking and cleaning up after us. The beds in the huts has pillows and covers, you bring your own sleeping bag or cheets. There is limited spots in the huts and if it very crowded you may need to sleep on the floor.

Food we carry with us for the whole tour, we split it up in the bachpacks som everyone carries about 3 kg each. We eat good but simple food, a lot dried to spare the weight.

You will get a specific packing list for this tour after booking, but you will need a pair of hiking shoes, a backpack around 50-60 liter, rainclothes, waterbottle and thermos, sleepingbag, shoes to wade in, warm jacket, hat and gloves etc.. Remember to pach light, then the experience will be better!


Price: 11450 kr/person

Included in the price:

  • Guide

  • Accommodation in huts 4 nights

  • Accommodation on Kebnekaise mountainstation 2 nights

  • All food on the tourn + dinner the night before

  • Boat over the lake Laddjujavri on the last day

  • Bus ticket Nikkaloukta - Kiruna

The topp tour up to Kebnekaise south peak is not included in the price. This is done with the local guides at the mountain station and is booked seperatly. We can help you with the booking if you wish.

For those who choose not to do this tour there will be an alternative day hike in the area, or you can take a rest day and enjoy the surroundings at the mountain station.