Midnightsun hike with dinner in Narvikfjellet

From may 25 until juli 20 the sun never sets in Narvik . The midnight sun goes down towards the horizon, but then turns back up again! This gives us the possibility to experience magical tours all night long!

The tour starts in the cable car, going up to 656 meters over sea level. Here we find the mountain restaurant where we will enjoy a delicious to course dinner. After the dinner and some coffee its time for the guide to take you on a hike up on the mountain. Except for the beautiful views over fjords and mountains we se and learn a bit about flora and fauna, Narviks nature and local history. On a good spot we stop for a moment to enjoy, and take something warm to drink. Maybe we go all the way to the top at 1272 m before we turn back down again.

Midnightsun hike and dinner

Midnightsun hike

Starts at 21.30 at the bottom of the cable cars in Narvikfjellet.

Price: 795 NOK

Included in the price: Cable car ticket, guide, warm drink.

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Starts at 19.00 at the bottom of the cable cars in Narvikfjellet.

Price: 1270 NOK

Included in the price: cable car ticket, guide, two course dinner - you choose between veggie, fish or meat, also one drink and coffe/tea.