Narvik Aktiv wants everyone to get out in the nature, get inspired and take care of our beautiful planet.

We offer authentic outdoor activities attainable for everyone, no experience required. We believe that just being in the outdoors is very important, not necessary to do as much cool stuff as possible, but just to be out there and see what nature itself has to offer. In our stressful life nowadays we think that is good for us humans. If you join us on a tour we will take care of the safety and follow mother natures premises and give you the best possible experience.

About me

Anna is a great guide - good with planning, problem solving and great temperament.
— Guest from a week hike along the Kings trail
Anna har vart fantastisk, svarat på alla frågor vi haft, hjälpt till med skavsår etc.
— Guest from a week hike along the Kings trail

Narvik Aktiv is a small company runned by me, Anna Nystedt. I’m originally from Sweden where I grew up on a small horse farm. I have always loved being out in the nature and enjoy spending my time hiking, skiing, climbing, running, kayaking, horse riding, sailing, camping and other adventures that can be done in the outdoors. Or just simply sitting in front of a campfire.

I am educated at Outdoor Academy in Finland and have certification as a Mountain Leader and Wilderness Guide. I have worked as a guide both by foot in Abisko - Sweden and by horse in Lofoten - Norway.

Now I am lucky to live here in Narvik surrounded by mountains and fjords, a beautiful place that I would love to share with you.



Narvik Aktiv want to contribute to more sustainable tourism, so that our children also can enjoy the beautiful nature.


We offer 20% discount to all guests who choose an alternativ ways of travel instead of airplane - such as bus, train or boat